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Opened! Done! Born!

Good morning, friends!

I'm delighted to tell you that these site and blog launched.

First, I decided to write here in English because of my aspiration to improve my English skills. I will also write translation in Russian occasionally.

I'm really happy it is born, produced and opened.  Several times, I started and tried to do it and left this idea. And I spared even more time looking for domain name. Today, it is something different, it is ready to be seen and read. Here, I'll post everything I'll do.

Our last year was very «Indian» and reach of travel. As material is ready, I promise, I will share it here. I'll post new pictures and new thoughts too.

The answer to the question «What for I need this site?» came after realization that we have so many nice, interesting, beautiful and meaningful things in our life. So, it would be unfair to conceal it in a dusty archive.

For the last 5 years, I have collected many pictures of you, my dear and lovely friends; of our family and of everything what happened to us. I will allow myself to step into more public and professional scale of photography and other creative work. 

Sincerely yours, A.