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End this year beautifully

This post has two facets. From one side, it contains pictures and it is about holiday atmosphere at home. We all aspire to change routine to merry mood in our home. It is a time to take a brief halt in our journey and look over our lives. Because of this, we have holidays; I am sure.

From another side, this post is about results of this year. We all have planned something: whom to be, what to do, and which goals to reach. And many of us can find a reason for frustration that makes us feel as if nothing is done. It doesn’t matter what we have done really. It is just a feeling of frustration.

This frustration does not depend on the state of accomplishment – it depends on our self-consciousness. I suggest you to ask yourself, "What have I done good this year?" It can be absolutely everything for what you can appreciate yourself. Afterwards, you will understand more about your real values. Before you start planning the next year, take a moment to revise the validity and value of every goal you have. There is no reason to blame yourself if you haven’t done things that you didn’t take seriously, so this result list is very important in order to clean up your mind from stupid ideas.

Here, I share my results, and I bow down before God, life, universe and myself. This year did big changes to my small life: 

In love with beauty

I’ve changed my professional environment. Now it is: 

Family and love of photography. I started doing it professionally. Thanks for this development.

Watercolours are a part of my everyday life now. Thanks that I’ve understood my new style after 2 years of unsuccessful trying.

Flowers, print design and decorations for weddings. I appreciate the possibility of doing this beauty.


I finally did a web site where I can collect and share everything about my new job. It helps me to grasp my resources and limits better. I give thanks for the new viewpoint. 

Many ideas and one talent

This year, I’ve left my worries about many different interests and accepted my character as is. I just decided to find positive sides of this feature.  Because of different activities, I can’t dive deep into one passion and try keeping balance between artwork and life things such as family, friends and myself. The most effective result I have when I change activity every second hour. This way, I have more success in every project than in one, which I do with whole head down. Thanks!

Truth about me
as an architect

This year, I considered myself not architect, and thank God, I can leave architecture! I don’t have any sorrow about it. I had many good clients and many interesting projects, but 10 years are enough to check up. I’ll just do many other things I like. I can still consult you about design without projects. Design of other products will live in a context of my new work priorities, Thanks for freedom!

Gift of education

I also realised how wonderful it is to study something new! It enlarges cushions. Fine cousin, floristics, psychology, music, sport, painting, math, sculpture or languages - every new subject changes your mind patterns and behaviour, and makes wider your ability to comprehend. I am obliged to have this possibility.

Psychological work

High expectations from myself and everyday efforts that are never enough for me, I’ve left in the past. I learned to credit myself for every effort and improvement plan. This work is not finished yet because I need to change some perception patterns in relationships, but I really started feeling peace inside. It is the biggest gift I had! Thanks!

Small achievements
every day

I realised a nice idea about myself. I recall woman feature described in John Grey’s book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. Women tend to appreciate small daily deeds much more than one big deed once in a month or a year. This woman property is similar to the thesis about quantity that turns into quality. By the way, the idea about small deeds in woman psychology works, but I will use it in another context. 
I have never liked long projects. It means that I can’t do one long thing without small intermediate results. Without small breaks, I tend to be stressed and upset. I like to celebrate small achievements every day.
Now, I start and finish daily micro projects, and, because of this, I feel satisfied every day no matter which size and importance my project has. These small happy steps have more chances to be connected in one staircase to the big goal. 
This realisation is a true gift!
Thanks for it.

Music in my head

My husband inspires me to write songs. My album is far from release, but I learn to play guitar and I visit vocal classes at Music School.
I’m grateful for new horizons!

I want to express my gratitude to all friends, relatives, colleagues, and everyone. You all have sense to be here and thanks that you do!
Oh, now I’m free to write my plan for next year! Thanks!