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Watercolor my month

Dear friends, everybody is preparing for New Year and Christmas. For me, it is a special time when, apart from paying attention to the loved ones, I try to do something creative.

Already one month ago, inspired by beautiful pictures in Instagram, I drew 12 watercolor girl portraits, each corresponding to one month. I could not make out what to do with these pictures, and how to manage production and delivery. Should I just give them away or sell them somehow? When you are far away from your home city, it is complicated and stressful to decide.

But today I’m happy to show you, what I’ve prepared. It is do-it-yourself calendar. I attached files for print out at the end of this post. The size of the calendar is less than A6. Calendar includes 12 month pages* and table stand with title and details. In addition, it can be suspended on the band, pasted on the wall with stickers or even printed on self-adhesive paper.

Furthermore, it is possible to customize this calendar. For example, any month can be individually drawn with a picture of you, your loved one or your friend. It is also possible to make a family calendar.
On this occasion, I announce the Giveaway.

* Because of differences among countries, this calendar is free from tagged holidays.

For DIY you need:

  • Printer, А4 size

  • Thick paper (150 gr/m and more), you can also cut the drawing paper into А4 size (297х210 mm)
  • Scissors or stationary knife (with ruler)
  • Clip or clothespin
  • Glue stick for table stand



  • Print out files, 100% size without any scaling, on thick matte paper А4 size (297х210 mm)

  • Cut the cards with knife and ruler or with scissors.
  • If you want to place the calendar on a table:
  • Cut the table stand and fold along gray lines. For a good fold, make a loose incision with stationary knife along the folding lines or use back edge of the knife. (You can also use any other thin blunt object, like the edge of a ruler, or a pen without ink.)
  • Paste together parts of stand and fixate all cards on the stand with clip or pin. 
    Use clothespins to suspend months on the rope; use stickers to place them on wall, or use magnets to place them on the door of the refrigerator.  Or do it your own way.



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Print it out (for your family and friends**), make you unique composition and post it in Instagram with the tags above.

On the 26th of December, I will select three people randomly and draw a month page with a person of their choice. It can be nice New Year surprise for their loved ones. I hope you will enjoy!

** This calendar is published for personal, non-commercial use.


To draw a custom portrait, order typographic version of different size, or learn about other options, just send me an e-mail to awishnewsky@gmail.com

Special credits to

January model @classisinternal photo by @svetla_vesnaya
February thanks to @oncewed photo by @brycecoveyphoto
March model Lexi from @plutinomodels by @svetla_vesnaya
April model @karin_aa photo by @svetla_vesnaya
May model @perlandgodiva photo by @peachesandmint
June thanks to @teamhairandmakeup photo by @josevilla
July model Brianna photo by @svetla_vesnaya
August thanks to @weddingchicks
September thanks to @flowerwild photo by @josevilla
October model @classisinternal photo by @svetla_vesnaya
November model @kseniamodel photo by @svetla_vesnaya
December photo by @jenniferlamba

Thanks to all unmarked models, stylists, florists, decorators, photographers, and anybody who was involved in picture creation that inspired me.  It’s difficult to know you all, so just let me know to tag you here. 
Thank you so much for your great job and have a nice 2015-year!