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When beach never ends

This post is about our friends, Regina and Kostya. And if I say friends, I mean a long story about our relationships. Once upon a time, I met Regina on my first course in Architectural Institute. That time, she had red-wine-coloured hair and pepper temperament. Since then, our ways with Regina had been crossed and pulled apart during five consecutive years.

Caught in mysterious spiral of our acquaintances, we became close associates and witnesses of each other’s first dates, which led to the wedlock. That is how our families born. Therefore, I treat this couple as a part of my kin, time-bound relatives.

They are unique persons; he is a master of conscious word and she is a queen of verbose story. They do yoga and love. We are at the same stage of life – we are learning to understand and control our emotions, our past, our future, and our unfolding present. Truly, it is a special gift to have such friends in my life.

Our consciousness is being made from the birth till the present, and, when we grow up with somebody, we experience our current collisions of age together. In particular, we can exactly feel that part of us is made from the same material or shared experience. Our joint experience unites us, and friends around us become more than just figures of the life. Frequently, like mutually created fragments of our consciousness, they display us our own problems and thoughts, they reflect our fears and upset’s causes. Furthermore, the type of relation with different persons depends on the age at which we grew up together. They are we and we are they. Clearly, after this realization, everything changes our relations, our upsets, and our fears become only reactions to the part of us. Awareness of this unity is a very interesting thing because, if we accept ourselves, it develops respect, understanding and love to everything. On other hand, if we don’t love and respect this part of us, we feel these powers around, in our friends and relatives and then, after all, in extraneous world. Naturally, the projection of our consciousness colours every picture we see.

What about somebody whom we didn’t know before? What if we didn’t grow up with them, so they are different set of energy and flesh? And what if we meet somebody whom we feel like our soul?

I think that everybody new is unexplored part of me, sometimes, very lovely part.  Sometimes, people around me demonstrate wonderful sides of the mind. When they are gone or died, these parts stay with me and they tend to be deemed if I don’t have a projector to spot them; then they come alive when I meet with new people. How big the unexplored mind is to accommodate all these strange people and other conscious substances?

To me, the answer is very easy. This stream of consciousness has no limits. The mind is the Universe and everybody knows about it. But how often do we still think like the Universe? Will it be eternal or will it collapse? Has our mind only one universe? It doesn’t matter.

Why have I written it here? Last week, Regina said a nice phrase, “I have received this information; I ought to share it.” I love her, and, to the honour and grace of Regina and Kostya, here I post the pictures of them with one great song.