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When the mountains and the sea met.

Last year, at the beginning of the summer, we visited Montenegro. It is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Our friends suggested visiting a nice hotel Stone Bridge, which is deeply hidden in the mountains of Boko-Kotor bay. By a chance, there were no other guests except our sweet company.  It was fully dedicated for us like a big private villa with all amenities. Therefore, the place and the situation were absolutely amazing.

Our friends, a young couple with one small kid as our one, accompanied us. It is especially nice when you travel with kids and you watch how they communicate with each other; that is true magic. Besides, they keep each other busy sometime. They are different, and they learn something from each other; they dance together and spy during morning procedures.

Certainly, Montenegro is quite a small country compared to Russia or India, but big enough for interesting travel. So that, if you look at Google Maps, you can compare the size of Boko-Kotor bay with the size of Moscow. That is, you can easily fit the bay inside of the Moscow Ring Road. 

This bay, along with many exciting towns, is scattered like a gem with old Roman houses full of flowers and sea winds. It feels like you have come across a picture in a fairy-tale book. And you want to stare at this picture and drink a tea, sitting at the table in a sea-front cafe. The only thing that hiders your daydream is your high-productive kid, who is trying to throw everything in the water near a dangerous place.

The weather of Montenegro in the first half of June is something to dream about, especially, when you live in hot climate with high humidity. Imagine, the daytime is warm enough to feel comfortably in shorts, evenings are fresh to treat you with chilly wind, and a fireplace is cherishing. You certainly start to appreciate it only when you miss it.

I would like to say more than only about travel. With every tour, I receive a new experience that is more than just an impression from a place and an atmosphere. It is the knowledge about myself, my past, my future and present, my conditions and emotions, my age, my soul state, and my restless mind. It is true, in our casual lives we receive such experience too, but we mostly pay no attention to it. Surely, no matter how many things and places you have seen, −most of us try to grasp more places every time− these seconds of realization are the real life. Now, when I’m sitting in a car, spending my short free hours nearby preschool of my son, and writing this post; I feel the same.

On this trip we snapped many pictures; I post some of it  here as a gallery "Happy to be parents in Montenegro"

with love your A.