WishNewSky - Emotions EP empty cover.png


by WIshNewSky

Emotions is a debut EP released by Wish New Sky, in which the artist Anastasia Vishnevskaya conveys her emotions and consciousness through watercolor and music. Inspired by human nature, creation, light and sound she performs classical art with a new sense of perception. The process of expressing and imaging the feelings plays the prime role and tends to be more important than the result.

Four songs were composed out of the raw emotions in a form of mental conversation. In an attempt to express awkward feelings that shatter inner peace, the author overloaded the music composition. Simple and physical noises interlaced with synthetic sounds to reflect the tension of analysis and understand complex human manifestations. The voice speaks with itself in its vulnerability like a nerve impulse that is lost inside of the body rhythms and emotional patterns.

Inspired by Bjork, Lykke Li, Lana del Rey Phantogram, Portishead, The XX