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Light watercolors served as a starting point for creating casual clothing with prints. The basis of each image is the living of deep feelings and values.

Freedom. Creation. Intimacy with yourself.

Whales are a story about the subconscious, a bouquet with peonies about tenderness and the blossoming of love, seagulls about freedom.

WISH NEW SKY clothing is not only created for romantic natures and sensitive individuals, but is also filled with care for details so that each item is perfect and versatile.

Wearing it at home, while traveling, at a yoga class, at a party or just every day to manifest your feelings is a real pleasure.

Where To Buy

Top Pilates Studios

Moscow, Malaya Dmitrovka, 24/2 (metro station Pushkinskaya)
Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48 (Vremena Goda Gallery)

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